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Rabu, 17 September 2014

Bruno Mars - Rest Of My Life


Intro: F Gm Bb F 

F                                             Gm
Everyday I wake up next to an angel

C                                                F 
More beautiful than words could say

F                                                          Gm
They said it wouldn't work but what did they know?

C                                                             F 
Cause years passed and we're still here today

A           Dm                             Gm                                   C
Never in my dreams did I think that this would happen to me


    Bb                                 C
As I stand here before my woman

Am                                             Dm     C 
I can't fight back the tears in my eyes

Bb                             C 
Oh how could I be so lucky

Am                                   Dm     C 
I must've done something right

      Bb    C    Dm             Bbm                F
And I promise to love her for the rest of my life.

F                                                      Gm
Seems like yesterday when she first said hello

C                                                      F 
Funny how time fly's by when you're in love

F                                               Gm 
It took us a lifetime to find each other

C                                                             F 
It was worth the wait cause I finally found the one

A           Dm                             Gm                                   C
Never in my dreams did I think that this would happen to me

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Outro: F Gm C F

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